Due to the specific position of Houpi community, which located at the west side of Pacific Ocean and faces the Turtle island, this is the best place to see the magnificent view of sun rising from right behind the island. The residents there depict the scene resemble to a turtle watches the sun rise up. Turtle island is the only active volcano in Taiwan, and it is now planned as a tourist spot and a natural conservation area. (google: Guishan Island)

Because Houpi is located at seaside, there are abundant of wood from inland mountain drained here as driftwood. The camp will use that driftwood as materials to design benches for the community's park. And these benches may become the landmark of the community.




Camp Content

1. Driftwood painting: We will paint Chairs which made by driftwood you draw to decorate the community park.

2. Taking care of local residents: We will be grouped to accompany elders and provide services such as holding birthday party or cleaning House for the elderly.

3. The Chinese Valentines’ Day: Organize the Chinese Valentine’s Day with the locals and the oversea youth, whom will add more exotic atmosphere in.

活動日期:8/11(日) ~ 8/25(日)

Camp DateAug.11(Sun)~25(Sun)


Camp place:No.5, Ln. 402, Sec. 2, Zhuangbin Rd., Zhuangwei Township, Yilan County






Meeting information

DATE:7th JUL(Monday) AM 9:00~12:00

ADDRESS:4F., No.3, Ln. 2, Shaoxing N. St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

志工培訓 Volunteer training


聯絡人For more infro. please contact江亞竹(企劃)   電話:02-23221735 / 0928-331564





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