2015 TouBian,Top Band !

 Singing your tone and bring the love on top! 


Taiwan is a kingdom of fruits, there are many kinds of it that we harvest in different seasons, especially in Summer. Toubian community is a small agriculture-based village in center-western Taiwan, it also has many kinds of fruits, and especially famous for lychee and longan. Many elders grow those fruits by themselves, so when you come to Toubian, maybe you will have a chance to help them for a while, to experience Taiwanese farming, and enjoy those fruits as well. Those elders who live in Toubian are smart but shy, they don't know how to show their passion to others, so what we want to do for them is to regain their confidence and help them to display. And we also have other goal is to find two unique songs which represent Toubian (one in Chinese, other one in English.), volunteers and elders will learn both languages at the same time while they are practicing together. After this, we will paint on a wall and make a special memory together.

If you like music, fruits, and simple life, please come to Toubian, it is going to be an amazing experience of your life. Welcome to join us,” singing your tone with us, and bring the love on top!






Many people think elders are fragile, but they are not. We want to tell people how different they are. They still can have a dream, and make the dream comes true, they are wise and can learn things quickly; they can teach people many things that we don't know. They are energetic, powerful more than we are. Also, we want to help elders to gain the confidence and “see” their own “value”, encourage them to “go out” and join social interaction.

Workimg content: 

1.  Could you imagine when you are eighty years old? Let’s participate the Aging Simulation to experience some of the sensory changes that elders may have. Aging Simulation makes you become older immediately and know more about elders body.

2.  Visit local elders and accompany them. We provide services such as house cleaning and chat to find out their dreams and help to make the dreams come true.

3.  We will find out a characteristic of Toubian community, and use two unique songs (one in Chinese, another one in English.) to represent it. In the end, we may group a top band with seniors!

4.  Painting your memory of camp on the wall which nearby community center.

5.  To experience Taiwanese culture, for example: Taiwanese food, fruits, temples, night markets, beautiful mountain.








計畫時間Project time:2015/7/3-7/17


Project place: No.18, Ln. 11, Sec. 2, Changlong Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 41150, Taiwan



Date of introduction and interview: 6/6(Sat)

Place of  introduction and interview: 弘道-台中服務處 台中市西區民權路234號5樓(台中教育大學旁)

Contact person: Chou 04-22060695#34









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