Global aging is a highly foreseeable long-term trend and will drastically change the way that societies and economies work. Hondao Senior Citizen’s welfare Foundation established in 1995 addressed this issue by proactively changing the seniors and the public’s perception of the ageing while providing community service to enhance health of the seniors. Hondao aims to let seniors live in the happier and more dignified lives in their own homes and communities.

This project first took place in Xishi community which is located in Fuxing village in 2009. Last year, Xishi and four other communities established a Fuxing Elderly Community Alliance. Through their combination, the services were expanded and they all looking forward to the young people coming all over the world to participate in the work camp here.

In 2015, Xishi community will build an Elder Day-Care center, providing services on the basis of Maslow’s theory (Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and belonging needs, Esteem needs, Self-actualization needs)for different needs of healthy elders. You can fully get along with elders in camp, attain to different cultural exchange through chat with them, design courses, held activities.

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