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Give yourself a special experience in this SuMMer VacaTion!!












This summer, let's join the Hondao International Workcamps.

You will...

See and learn the local culture and life style with locals and international volunteers.

Create your imagination to beauty surrounding with building the exclusive images or creating highlight of the community.

Spend time with the lovely and lively elders to have fun together, you will be suprised by their vitality and warm hospitality.

You will also have International fun with all your working campers around the world.




(2)長輩關懷:激起青年朋友關心高齡化議題,進而加入服務高齡者的行列。 例如:長輩訪視或慶生、社區據點…

(3)文化交流:透過海內外志工的參與,促進國際與在地文化交流,體驗台灣在地的生活風貌。 例如:文化之夜、製作傳統美食…

Working Content:

(1) Community Sercive: Help communities to beautify the surrounding or have a better living condition. For example: paint the wall, clean the environment of the community.

(2) Elderly care: Excite young people to care about the aging issues, and then join the ranks of the elderly services. For example: visits or qingsheng the elderscommunity stronghold.

(3) Culture Exchange: Learning and experiencing the difference or streotype between countries, and you will also learn the local culture. For example:cultural night, traditional snack making.





NOTE: 15 days/14 nights each camp. Participation the whole days is needed.

招募對象 Target groups :各大專院校之華僑學生及台灣青年志工Each universities and colleges of Taiwanese volunteers and overseas students.

活動費用 Camp Fee FREE,除了自由行程、自由時間須自行負擔,其餘費用由弘道負擔。Free (Hondao will provide meals & accommodations). Volunteers should cover the transportation and living expenses by themselves during free schedule.

名網址 Application URL:謝謝您,報名活動已截止!

  Registration Deadline: till 6/16(sun.)

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