What we Hondao IWC do

  1. 1. Community Care station seek to provide a space where senior citizens could socialize, attend activities, and obtain care-giving information and resources. 
  2. 2. Recruit oversea youth and Taiwan youth to serve to the elderly in the community, to spend the summer time with them and other workcampers together. 


The main contents of  workcamp 

  1. 1. Elderly care: According to Hondao’s main proposes, we’d like volunteers to interact with elderly. Volunteers will plan activities for elderly
  2. 2. Community service: We’d like to give assistance to the community by re-decorating a wall as well as cleaning up the environment around.
  3. 3. Cultural exchange:It’s a perfect chance for locals to know you from elsewhere outside of Taiwan. Please use this opportunity to learn more about Taiwan’s social, cultural and political living conditions and to show them, in return, yours.


The objective of the WorkCamp

  1. 1. Call for local & international volunteers to do voluntary.
  2. 2. Promote the interaction & understanding between generations.
  3. 3. Beautify community surrounding and light up the community by Workcamp, also to urge the local people to get involved in the community issue.

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弘道國際工作營(原名微孝營) Hondao International WorkCamp

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